Frequently Asked Questions

 --What species of fish will we fish for? 

The waters around Bonaire offer many different species of fish. The most common fish we catch are  blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi, barracuda, blackfin tuna, and yellowfin tuna. The ocean is full of surprises, so other species show up some times too. Click the SPECIES tab above for pictures and a more complete list of the fish we catch.


--How many people can go on the boat?

The Flying Fish can carry 10 passengers. There is an additional charge of $10/hr for each  passenger above 6.

--Do I have to charter the whole boat? 

We usually run private charters where a person or group charters the whole boat. However, if you want to share the boat with others, we can sometimes put you and some others together to split the cost of the trip. 

--How much does it cost? 

Click the BOOK tab up top for current charter rates.

--How long are the trips? 

We offer charters as short as 4 hours, up to as long as you would like. Most trolling charters are 6 or 8 hours. Combined bottom fishing and trolling trips are usually 8 to 12 hours. Night fishing charters are 6 to 12 hours.   

--I would like something different than what is offered. Can I do some "off-menu ordering?"

Of course. All of our fishing trips are custom-made to suit our clients. Let us know what you're interested in doing, and we'll make it happen.

--Are children allowed on the boat?

Absolutely!  We love helping kids catch fish.

--Will it be hard if I've only fished a little?

Don't worry. You will do fine. We have a lifetime of fishing experience and will coach you the whole way. We don't expect you to be a professional.

--How far do we have to run from the harbor before we start fishing?  

Bonaire is the top of an undersea mountain, so the bottom drops off very quickly once you leave land. The waters in less than 60m (200') are a protected marine park. Thankfully for us, 200' is usually just 100 yards offshore. Depending on the fish we're targeting, we can often start fishing just minutes after leaving the dock.   

--Can we keep the fish we catch? 

Yes! When we return to the dock your deckhand will clean the fish you kept. Some boats will limit how much of the catch you can take with you. We don't believe in that. You can take as much as you like. Any fish left over will be used by the crew or sold at the market.  

--Do you put the fish on ice? 

Yes! The Flying Fish is one of the only charter boat in Bonaire that ices your catch. We want you to have the highest quality fish to take with you.


--Can we keep marlin and sailfish? 

No, these fish are released. Marlin and sailfish are great sportfish and deserve to be caught more than once. Therefore they are catch and release only.   

--What language does the crew speak? 

English is primary, but we also speak Spanish and a bit of Dutch. 

--Where is the boat located? 

The Flying Fish is docked at the Harbor Village Marina on the north side of Kralendijk, Bonaire. We are on the dock adjacent to the road.

--What time does the boat leave the dock? 

Most day trips on the Flying Fish leave the dock at 6am. For cruise ship passengers who don't arrive on the island until usually 8am, we run a 9am trip. Night fishing trips usually leave the dock at 4pm, giving us time to catch live bait and get to our fishing location by dusk. 

--Does the boat have air conditioning? 

Yes. The Flying Fish has a fully air conditioned cabin. 

--Is there a bathroom (head) on the boat? 

Yes. We have a full bathroom onboard.